Tattoo Removal Laser Technology

Brandon Dermatology Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal by Brandon Dermatology is like no other, we use only the most advanced laser and our 15 plus years of experience to insure your tattoo removal is fast and effective.  You are in good hands at Brandon Dermatology as the highest standards and safety measures are used by our medically trained, licensed and experienced staff that will help you start to finish through your entire tattoo removal treatment process.  


What’s the solution for effective, efficient laser tattoo removal with better clearance? 

Brandon Dermatology uses the most advanced laser technology available for effective fast laser tattoo removal it is called enlighten® by cutera.  enlighten®, was invented as the first all in one laser system with a powerful punch of nano and the stealth power of pico second, making the enlighten® laser the most complete solution for tattoo removal. As a result, fewer tattoo removal treatments are needed, as it is effective on all size ink particles, regardless of age of tattoo, depth and color of tattoo or skin.


Fewer Treatments

Significantly fewer treatments with the ability to treat old or  new tattoos.

Clearance on wide range of ink colors

Better Clearance

Matching pulse duration to ink particle size = more complete and faster clearance is achieved

Pico + Nano Technology

Use of both technologies in one laser is a revolution in laser tattoo removal.

Treats All Skin Types Effectively

All Skin Types

High-peak power and the ultra-short pulse durations target the ink without thermal skin effects .

Pico and Nano Laser Technology for Tattoo Removal

Leveraging PICO + NANO Pulses with enlighten
Matching pulse duration to ink particle size = more complete and faster clearance is achieved. 


Pico and Nano Technology working together for results

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If your already treated ink just won’t shrink?

Enlighten® can effectively treat these stubborn already treated tattoos by targeting the remaining ink particles. When other lasers have failed enlighten® has the advantage due to its unique combination on nano second and pico second laser frequency technology.


Tattoo Removal A Dermatology Challenge

The tattoo industry has many enthusiasts, professional and amateur, with wild imaginations using so many different techniques, and various depths of application. Also, the age of the tattoo influences how the tattoo responds to a treatment. This has historically made it very hard to predict the tattoo’ s response to a laser and it’s harder to remove.  

5 in 6 people with Tattoo regret

Unfortunately, tattoos aren’t all the same or just a fly-by-night dermatology challenge. Tattoos have become more and more popular; Now 1 in 4 people have a tattoo with 5 out of 6 people having a tattoo that they regret or no longer want on their body.


the beginning Nano vs Pico

Nanosecond laser technology was invented in the 1980s. It was the first technology nondestructive to the skin surface for tattoo removal treatment. Nanosecond laser technology was the only technology powerful enough to attack a tattoo at his core, the color under the skin. However, the long arduous battle between Nanosecond laser technology and Tattoo ink was still unpredictable, in some cases Nanosecond laser technology could knock out a Tattoo in five hits with his powerful long pulsed Nano second laser. But many times, even after 12 or more hits, a tattoo still refused to clear.


Why couldn’t a Nanosecond laser destroy tattoo, you ask?

Unknown to many, Tattoos have a few hidden tricks up their sleeves. While on the surface a tattoo may look simple and un-threatening, down deep, a tattoo often hides it’s his true staying powers. Through intensive study dermatologists have learned that density could make it difficult for nano second lasers to break apart the ink. 

Also tattoo ink also can vary in depth beneath the skin surface, in some cases so deep that the Nano second technology could not reach the tattoo particles.  Since nano second laser technology couldn’t beat tattoos alone dermatologists were seeking a better solution for effective, efficient laser tattoo removal that is where pico second technology came in. 

Pico was engineered to have more fire power

Pico was engineered to have more fire power, than its super short nano-second laser energy. Pico second laser tattoo removal was in fact very powerful and extremely effective in eliminating tattoos as they aged, but eliminating younger tattoos was more challenging. 

The solution for effective, efficient better laser tattoo removal with better

Enlighten® delivers powerful, meaningful results more efficiently and more completely that any other laser tattoo removal system. Nano second technology attacks the tattoo first to break it apart, weakening his core bond, then Pico second waves are delivered for the final punches to wipe or clear the tattoo. This is why, Enlighten®, was invented. Enlighten® is the first all in one laser system with a powerful punch of Nano second and the stealth power of Pico second laser, making this laser the most complete solution for tattoo removal